Completed Audits
Eleven Finance has had the following smart contracts audited:
addstrat.sol‌ (Certik)
bankConfig.sol‌ (Certik)
borrow.sol‌ (Certik)
borrowconfig.sol‌ (Certik)
eleUSD.sol‌ (Certik)
interestmodel.sol‌ (Certik)
liqstrat.sol (Certik)
addStrat.sol (Solidity Finance)
bigfoot.sol (Solidity Finance)
bigfootConfig.sol (Solidity Finance)
liqStrat.sol (Solidity Finance)
oracle.sol (Solidity Finance)
Under the following audits:
Eleven Finance - CertiK Security Leaderboard
Solidity Finance
Solidity Finance - Smart Contract Audits for Tokens, NFTs, Marketplaces, Financial Protocols, and More!
Solidity Finance - Smart Contract Audit Services
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