Staking in eleBANK

Staking assets that will be utilised by the Eleven Finance's Leveraged Yield Farming platform allows lenders to earn interest on these. The process to do so is relatively straight forward:

Go to and connect your compatible Web3 Wallet (using the pop-up prompt or button in top left sidebar). The banks utilise our vaults to maximise yield opportunity and are visible under the 'Vaults' section in the left sidebar. Use the dropdown filters to select the 'Ele' group and you will see the various 'Ele' banks. For this example say we wish to deposit in the eleUSD bank on the Polygon network.

Once we have found the Bank Vault as above we can see that we have a balance of tokens able to deposit. This vault accepts stable coins including USDT, DAI and USDC. So our balance will be a sum of all of these in our wallet.

APY and APRD are estimated returns for those lending into this vault. This can be made up of a combination of rate paid by borrowers to lenders, interest earnt by 'dormant capital' (funds not being lent on the leveraged yield farming platform but being utilised on other defi protocols rather than lying 'dormant') or extra ELE farming rewards.

Expanding this vault row by selecting it, will display similar to any other vault on the platform, with an approval/deposit button to enter the vault/bank.

On selecting deposit the user will see the popup below, allowing them to select any amount or combination of any of the 3 types of stable coins from their wallet into the eleUSD bank.

Once deposited, a user will be able to withdraw at any time, by selecting the 'Withdraw' button. And subject to fees as per the box in the expanded vault section. In the case of eleUSD lenders will withdraw assets in the form of Curve 3pool tokens. These are USD pegged assets through and can be exchanged back to USDC, USDT or DAI through this site, with very minimal slippage and fees.

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