How to withdraw from a vault


Unstaking from Eleven Finance vaults is a relatively straight forward process. It is important to note that when you unstake from a vault, you will incur a fee on the amount you are unstaking. If you are unstaking LP's it's a 0.1% fee, or if it's a single asset it's 0.2% fee (excluding the lending vaults, those have no fees). This fee will be deducted from your position as you remove it. You can confirm the exact withdrawal fee by expanding the vault, and checking the fee structure on the right side.


To find the vault you want to withdraw from, scroll down in the Vault page, or use the search function. Or you can just select 'Deposited only' to find all the vaults you are currently in.

If you staked your funds in a boosted vault, you will firstly need to unstake them. Simply click on "Unstake" and confirm the transaction. If your vault is not boosted, you can move on to the next step.

Now, select the 'Withdraw' button, confirm the amount in the popup and then confirm the transaction.On completion, you will see the corresponding LP tokens in the 'Balance' column on the left side of the vault.

If you wish, you can now take these LP tokens back to wherever you created them, remove liquidity and receive the underlying individual tokens.

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