Token Structure

Total Supply

Planned total ELE supply — 11,000,000 tokens.

Real ELE total supply — 8,117,630 tokens.

Total supply has been reduced by 2,882,370 due to the pre-sale not reaching 100%, as a result these tokens have been burnt in two transactions: Transaction 1, Transaction 2.

Token Distribution

Presale (20 % — 2,022,624 Tokens)

The Eleven Finance presale was launched on March 2nd 2021, one day after the website's launch as a yield optimiser on the Binance Smart Chain. Tokens were sold through Bounce Finance at the price of 0.00025 BNB per ELE. That came out for about $0.06 per ELE at the time.

How were the funds from presale used?

80% of BNB raised was invested and locked Eleven Finance's vaults in order to promote automatic purchases of ELE and thus the token price increasing.

20% of BNB raised was a development fee in order to develop a new DeFi platform within the Eleven Finance's ecosystem. Initial plans featured leveraged farming and loans using eleven vault tokens, which are all now part of Eleven Finance's ecosystem.

Farming (67.5% —4,950,000 Tokens)

ELE Farming includes ELE single staking pools across all chains, and all boosted pools which reward ELE (they can reward other tokens too). The purpose of letting people farm ELE is to have a good distribution of the token, as well as an incentive for people to join the vaults.


50% of all farming tokens were distributed in the first 4 months of the protocol's existence (from January to June 2021) at a rate of 0.711 ELE per block on the Binance Smart Chain. After that, a planned event we call "The Thirding" happened, which dropped ELE's emissions to 1/3 of the previous rate.

The further 50% are being distributed in a 8 month period, from June until February 2022. During this phase, 0.237 ELE will be emitted for every block.

After one year all ELE tokens will be distributed and ELE will turn into a profit-sharing token.

Initial Liquidity (5% — 595,006 Tokens)

Initial liquidity provided on PancakeSwapV1 used 80% of the BNB raised from the presale and 5% of all ELE tokens. This liquidity was staked and locked in the Eleven Vaults in order to promote buybacks.

Development fee (7.5% —550,000 Tokens)

7.5% of all ELE tokens were given to the development team so they're able to develop and grow the Eleven Finance ecosystem.

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